About Us

KarimSyah Law Firm

KarimSyah Law Firm was established in 1997 as one of very few Indonesian firms with both transactional and contentious practices, and has quickly become recognized as one of Indonesia's premier law firms, in particular with respect to international dispute resolution.

KarimSyah is universally recognized as Indonesia's market leader in dispute resolution, financing, and resources. Areas of specialisation on the transactional side include oil and gas, energy and infrastructure matters, insurance, all manner of financing and restructuring, including Islamic financing and capital markets, information technology, land transactions, bankruptcy, joint ventures and other cross-border transactions and business structures, mergers and acquisition, and foreign and domestic investments. On the contentious side, the firm handles commercial litigation and both local and international arbitration and mediation, with unique specialisations in medical malpractice defense and aviation disaster settlements.

KarimSyah's lawyers are qualified in both civil and common law, with long experience representing foreign companies doing business in Indonesia, and vice versa, and are well attuned to the cultural nuances necessary to make cross-border relationships succeed. Our lawyers use their legal skills and knowledge of Indonesian business practices to arrive at a customised legal solution for each client. Working as a team, both internally and together with external financial and other support-service organisations, KarimSyah can lead the client through all aspects of its transaction of business.