Rizki Karim (“Kiki”)’s primary interest lies in dispute resolution, both in litigation and arbitration. He has served as an assistant counsel or as a secretariat on a number of arbitration cases, including before ICC, SIAC, BANI, BAKTI, and BAPMI. He is also presently assisting an intra-governmental organization in a litigation involving a complex embezzlement. On the corporate side, Kiki has been involved in advisory matters relating to the fields of investments, energy, banking, and other compliance matters.

Prior to joining KarimSyah, he had experiences as interns in prominent law firms in Singapore. In his spare time, Kiki frequently coaches mooting teams from universities across Indonesia and has also served as an arbitrator in the Willem C. Vis Arbitration Moot.

EducationSarjana Hukum, Universitas Gadjah Mada – Faculty of Law, 2017

Languages: Indonesian, English.